Operational Lease

We offer you a minimum downpayment (or no downpayment at all), which includes all the expenses associated with acquiring a car (registration at corresponding offices, package of medicine chest/fire extinguisher/emergency sign and etc.)

OPERATIONAL LEASING means long-term car rent with the registering and tax depreciation at the lessor's balance. We offer you a minimal downpayment that includes all car registration expenses (as well as 3% contribution to the Pension Fund and necessary insurance payments).

Your money is working for your business and your car is being financed with our money.

 bears all property risks; you do not need to worry about additional security deposit that may be necessary at crediting. We take into account the specificity of a client and analyse not only client's official accounts, but also other sources that certify their financial position.

We specialise in financial and current car service; thus you optimise your business by using outsourcing for providing your business with transport.

If you choose the operating leasing, apart from financing you receive a whole complex of services that include:

  • payment managing — the leasing company processes and finalizes all book-keeping and other documentation that is concerned with car use and ownership; you contribute monthly payments as one sum and register them;
  • you get additional possibilities as for financial planning and controlling.

  • car registration with all taxes and dues paid at registration;

  • no direct and indirect expenses for car fleet;

  • installation of necessary additional equipment on a car;

  • regular technical maintenance at a certified service station;

  • winter tires set;

  • tires change and storage at leasing company’s warehouses in the appropriate conditions during the period of leasing agreement;

  • transport tax during the period of leasing agreement;

  • CASKO insurance in the best insurance companies;

  • the third parties liability insurance for a sum up to $100 000;

  • 24-hour helpline;

  • provision and administering of fuel credit cards;

  • car pick-up service to and from client's office for car service, airport;

  • provision of replacement car;

  • prolonging of the manufacturer’s warranty period until the end of leasing agreement validation term (warranty up to 5 years without mileage limitation).

All you have to do is to drive a car and pay monthly payments that are fixed which will allow you to plan your future transport expenses.

More information can be found at our web site www.lease-a-car.kz