Car hire services are widely spread nowadays among businessmen, tourists, and travellers, - people whose lives are instantly connected with active movement. Customers of rental sytem get a huge package of services, for example lots of information concerning off-road and tourist issues, navigation system; help on road and an insurance system (including insurance of clients, automobiles and responsibilities on third-party lawsuits)

Car rental services firmly entered into sphere of tourism and became an ordinary additional service of tour-operators and tourism agencies that conclude contracts with local companies or transnational companies upon condition of agent's comission.

Besides foreigners, car rental arouses interest in local businessmen, who appreciate the convenience and value their time.

 It's important to notice that in conditions of westernisation a culture of car hire by individuals came to kazakh steps too. This very convenient service gives an opportunity of short-term rental - for business trip, leasure or replacement of your own car while it's on repairement.

Our clients are companies in the oil and gas, industrial, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, as well as in other business spheres.